Students Testimonials

I started SwanPro classes in my late teens who knew nothing about makeup, I was invited for a 5-days free class, I took the class, it was fun, but I didn't make much of the class because I wasn't sure I would do makeup, until I had the opportunity to learn with full time. She taught me all I know about makeup today. It's one of the best desicions of my life and I couldn't ask for a better tutor.
Precious Ajiehi
It was at a point in my life that I needed to find a new path. I started makeup claas and would sometimes attend class with my little baby girl, Mrs Omosewa tutoured us to the best of her knowledge and also made sure we had keen interest in makeup as we attended makeup and beauty events together. today I own my line of makeup and I am excited I went this path.
Chinenye Nlemadim
Even though I was pursuing a career in the medical field, I knew I still wanted to do something creative with my hands and that was why I took the course with Ms Sewa. She is soft spoken easy and tries to break down each techique to us. While I still have my day job, I take up makeup gigs whever I can.
I am taking The Professional Makeup Course by SwanPro at the moment but really so glad I am learning so much already, the theory part seem alot , but it ultimately prepares you for the practical class which is also very detailed and it is super fun learning from SwanPro.
Temitope Adeshina